Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Festive 5K Results

A big well done to the 37 hardy souls who turned out to take part in this years festive Torchlit Tip 5k.
> This years winner in a time of 18.06 was Rob McGrath with the first lady Michelle Spencer home in a time of 23.26.
> The crisp clear night led to perfect conditions for the race which will return next Christmas.
> 1. Rob McGrath   18.06
> 2. Jason Walker   18.09
> 3. Simon Tobin     20.07
> 4. Pete Sanderson  20.28
> 5. Andrew Hudson  20.37
> 6. Ian Fitzpatrick  20.42
> 7. Matthew Tobin  20.52
> 8. James Brooker  20.58
> 9. Paul Warrington  21.18
> 10. Neil Silcock  21.49
> 11. Matthew Nelson  21.56
> 12. Brian Davey  22.01
> 13. Robbie Trecarichi  22.08
> 14. Rob Cosgrave. 22.20
> 15. Paul Talbot  22.43
> 16. Howard Nuttall  22.44
> 17. Phil Foster  23.12
> 18. Ed Sherstone  23.23
> 19. Michelle Spencer  23.26
> 20. Carol James  23.37
> 21. Stephanie James  23.45
> 22. Gareth Williams  23.50
> 23. Steve Flanagan  23.59
> 24. Charlie Warrington  24.02
> 25. Steve Winslow  24.14
> 26. Vicki Hudson  24.15
> 27. Tracey Barlow  24.25
> 28. Darren Baker  25.12
> 29. Jessica Deane  25.16
> 30. Jo Sutton  25.18
> 31. Claire Doherty  25.22
> 32. Mollie Ryding  25.30
> 33. Rob Lowther  26.52
> 34. Sue Stewart  28.01
> 35. Lucy Tobin  28.53
> 36. Elaine Sutton  29.44
> 37. Chloe Sutton  29.56

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Torchlight 5 K Returns!

Hi Rick,
Please can you pass on the message below:-
The torchlight run returns for a one off Christmas special on Wednesday 23rd December at the usual time of 7.00 pm and location.
A fun festive gathering with appropriate red dress code if desired, limited head torches and hats available on the night together with the much coveted torchlight pen spot prizes.
I have coaxed Neil Rothwell and Nicola out of retirement for the occasion however would welcome any other non running helpers on the night.
So charge your head torches and don't miss out on this great event which I must stress is a social, run at your own risk gathering.
Andy Hudson

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Final Torchlit Tip 5K Race report And Results

Enthusiastic attendances speak volumes!  This gathering has certainly
not struggled with numbers even in unfavourable conditions.

A throwback to those numerous memorable socials of the eighties with
the emphasis on fun (you remember that word right!) rather than
restrictive red tape.

Wednesdays Christmas meeting saw a bumper turnout of 39 runners and a
very healthy array of much valued helpers and spectators.

Universally embraced (well almost) both Rick’s Summer Series and the
Torchlit runs have proved a massive success highlighted by the
comprehensive spreadsheet kindly compiled by Brian Grice.

With Dave Aspinall as acting timekeeper (Neil Rothwell partying!) red
hats in abundance, several very impressive full Santa outfits and
those cheesy festive background tunes, the 39 bobbing lamps bobbed off
into the darkness confusing the police helicopter circling above.

With no fallers, lost participants or reports of a single rabid dog,
Rob McGrath bobbed home in a bobbing fashion in an impressive 18:11
perhaps being thankful the pre-race favoured mother of two was a no

The ladies were led home by Clare Constable in 20:22 on a much
welcomed return to the tip.

Quality mementos for all those who attended, this was indeed a
memorable evening and one I would personally like to dedicate to Chris
who was a great supporter of all occasions and will be missed very much.

On a final note it has been a pleasure seeing the Torchlit series
bloom over the past few years and extend my thanks to all who have
participated or helped in any way.

As the saying goes “never say never” but for January I must compose
myself for an important wedding day!

Best wishes,

Andrew & Vicki

 Torchlit Tip 5k Results

1              Rob McGrath                     18:11

2              Jason Walker                     18:30

3              Steve McLean                   19:03

4              Matthew Tobin                 19:06

5              Simon Tobin                       19:47

6              Rick Bower                          20:07

7              Terry Bolland                     20:10

8              Andrew Hudson                               20:22

9              Mike Leatherbarrow      20:23

10           Keith Lunt                           20:27

11           Clare Constable                20:32

12           Matthew Nelson              20:37

13           James Brooker                  20:57

14           Paul Talbot                          21:27

15           Neil Silcock                          21:40

16           Rob Cosgrave                    21:54

17           Tracey Peters                    22:05

18           David Alty                            22:37

19           Ed Sherstone                     22:44

20           Robbie Trecarichi             22:48

21           Steven Owens                  22:59

22           Phil Foster                           23:08

23           Joel Green                          23:23

24           Paul Dewhurst                  23:30

25           Steve Flannigan                                23:40

26           Ian Fitzpatrick                    24:01

27           Liam O’Brien                      24:04

28           Don Wilkinson                   24:43

29           Hugo Kearsey                    25:07

30           Carol James                        25:14

31           Sue Cooper                        26:02

32           Mary O’Brien                     27:50

33           Helen Rigg                           28:15

34           Sue Stewart                       28:24

35           Amanda Bradbury           28:47

36           Carol Wright                       29:08

37           Sarah McGrath                  31:57

DNF       Ashley Strom

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Torchlit Tip 5K News Update!

By Andy Hudson

7pm Wednesday 17th December will bring down the curtain on the
Torchlit Tip 5k Series in its present form.

Fittingly it will be a festive get together  with any appropriate
accoutrements invited and most welcome.

Limited loan head torches and Santa hats available on the night!

This gathering has proved popular in all conditions attracting
enthusiastic runners from the elite to the rest of us!

The legendary Brian Grice has kindly put together a spreadsheet of
results for all those who have taken part over the years for which we
are grateful and hope we can finish with a bumper turnout.

Helpers are as important as those who take part and as such please
come along if you can assist.

On this note I’d like to say a big thank you to regulars particular
Nicola and the ever present Neil who unfortunately will be absent on
this final occasion!

As previously addressed, the Torchlit Tip 5k series is not a “race”
but merely a competitive edged night time training session for the
like minded.

Having said that it would be fitting if a certain blonde haired mother
of two would finally accept my invite of smashing the female course
record whilst keeping the elite men on their toes.

Mild, still and dry conditions are probably too much to hope for but
come along and enjoy an occasion of festive cheer.

It will also be a final chance to acquire a finishing memento,
particularly for those who missed out last year.

See you on the 17th, many thanks, Andrew.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Torchlit Tip 5K Results

1 29 Harry Doran 18:17:00
2 10 Rob McGrath 18:18:00
3 3 Jason Walker 18:29:00
4 24 Paul Warrington 18:53:00
5 15 Steve McLean 18:57:00
6 45 Steve Wilkinson 19:30:00
7 33 Terry Boland 19:39:00
8 22 Damian Wright 19:40:00
9 42 Boyd Park 20:09:00
10 6 Rick Bowker 20:17:00
11 39 Andrew Hudson 20:21:00
12 37 Keith Lunt 20:46:00
13 27 Matthew Nelson 21:07:00
14 5 Brian Davey 21:20:00
15 16 Neil Silcock 21:24:00
16 32 Tracey Peters 21:32:00
17 41 Andrew Guilford 21:53:00
18 28 Robbie Trecarichi 22:03:00
19 13 David Alty 22:08:00
20 2 Alex Holt 22:13:00
21 14 Paul Ashby 22:14:00
22 19 Phil Foster 22:22:00
23 25 Hugo Kearsey 22:31:00
24 8 Gareth Williams 22:33:00
25 4 Steven Owens 22:45:00
26 38 Ed Sherstone 22:48:00
27 11 Paul Dewhurst 22:57:00
28 1 Vicki Harvey 23:18:00
29 36 Barry Rimmer 23:42:00
30 12 Joel Green 23:52:00
31 21 Steve Flanigan 23:53:00
32 20 Tony Bond 23:53:00
33 18 Mark Robinson 25:38:00
34 31 Sophie Rothwell 25:55:00
35 26 Pat Kearsey 25:57:00
36 7 Sue Stewart 27:08:00
37 35 Helen Rigg 28:18:00
38 9 Sarah McGrath 31:20:00
39 34 Jon Singleton 31:33:00
40 17 Anita Williamson 34:08:00
41 44 Alison O'Malley 40:33:00
42 43 Jenny Oliver 40:33:00

DNF 30 Donna Spencer
DNF 40 Howard Nuttall
DNF 23 Ashley Strom

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Torchlit Tip 5K returns!

The Torchlit Tip 5k Winter Series makes its return by aparant popular demand on Wednesday 19th November 2014.

With cancellation unlikely irrespective of weather, come down to the reclaimed land on Benthams Way by Dobbies to enjoy a different style of training run with a competative edge.

With a 7pm start this is a popular alternative to pounding the pavements on these cold, dark winter nights!

All abilities welcome with a limited number of head torches available to borrow on the night.

Any volunteers/marshalls are greatly appreciated and welcome.  Please contact Andrew Hudson on 07909980153 if you would like to come down and help out on the night.

Don’t forget that this event will be followed by our Christmas Special Torchlit Tip 5k in December!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Farmers Arms 10K Result!

Parbold 10K Oct 19th
The comeback!
After an Achilles tendon injury and general burn out from years and years of racing and hard training I decided to make a comeback!
I'd not raced in 6 months and felt very nervous when I got up this morning!
I'd picked the Parbold 10K because I really enjoyed the route last year.
It's pretty rolling (well compared to Southport at least] but no really big climbs and the quiet country roads make a nice change from your average 10K!
I set a target of sub 40 mins based on my last tempo run, a long way off my best of sub 35 [ Rufford 10 K] but well that was a long time ago!
I guess there were about 100 of us racing today on a warm blustery windy day.
I was quite shocked to find myself near the front as we went through the first mile, this felt goood :0]
Team mate Paul Warrington came along side me [he's flying after losing a couple of stone] I think we were in 4th and 5th place.
2 Miles went by in 12.11
3 miles in 18.30
By 3 1/2 miles I was starting to blow on the uphills,so I told Paul to push on.
He quickly pulled away, leaving me to try and hang on!
The legs started to feel real heavy now!
My body felt like it wanted to explode!
Runner after runner passed me!
It was mind over matter now!
That last mile was hard ,Oh man was it painful!
Don't give in,keep pushing forward!
At last I reached the top of the final hill :0]
Just 100 meters to go and I picked up the pace to finish in 40.03!
Just of my target, but still quite pleased!
   Paul was 2nd, an amazing run! I  finished 7th !
So at least I achieved one of my goals of a top ten place!
Anyway its cool to be a racer again really cool ;0]
I hope everyone how took part enjoyed the challenge as much as me, CHEERS!

Pos   Num   Forename   Surname   Cat   Club   Time   
1240PeterRiceMV50Horwich RMI00:36:23
2172PaulWarringtonMSouthport Waterloo AC00:39:06
3255NeilHughesMAstley & Tyldesley RR00:39:31
4239LeeBoothMV45Trawden AC00:39:33
6234KarlTuzioMV45Wigan Phoenix Black00:39:49
7153RickBowkerMSouthport Waterloo AC00:40:03
8132KevinWalkerMSkelmersdale Boundry Harriers00:40:31